Democrat vs Republican: Take a test

Democrat vs Republican: Take a test

Am I Republican or Democrat? Take a quick test to compare and decide which you are.

Question 1: What do you prefer?

Am I Democrat or Republican? - About this test

Republican versus Democrat: For the elections one needs to compare and choose a political party wisely.

This test helps with gaining advice to make your own choice, based on your your core values and preferences. It covers the most important subjects like economics and tax, safety and gun ownership, defence and national security, family and social values. The test consists of 8 simple questions and takes only 2 minutes. It covers aspects like the purpose and your preferences.

It’s a simple and short test, so it can only give an indication, without any guarantee. For further reading we offer some of the sources that we’ve used when creating the test: and "What is the_difference?" @

Find more sources, and please give your feedback on the resultpage. Start test.

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