Canon or Nikon? Which DSLR camera should I get?

Test to compare Canon versus Nikon to decide on new your DSLR camera.

Question 1: When it comes to finance:

Canon versus Nikon - Which DSRL camera brand is better?

The Nikon and Canon brands are the first brands you'll find when reviewing your options for DSRL camera's. And for digital photography you might find it's quite a challenge deciding between Canon versus Nikon.

Both brands provide Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras and have their own fans and advocating experts all over the world. Some would argue one brand isn't better than the other, others beg to differ. There is always a competition going on between the two household names in terms of performance. They make sure that their new designs or technology create a buzz in the photography world, whether it is a high resolution sensor or a new lens they have developed.
Nikon first introduced its first DSLR camera in 1999, Canon soon followed in 2000. Since then a great choice of DSLR camera bodies and lenses were designed to provide both beginners and expert photographers. Even though the difference between the two might be minimal in terms of functionality, this test will dig deeper into your search for a DSLR camera and outline the best choice for you personally.

In short, it is difficult to choose between Nikon and Canon when comparing DSLR systems and you're looking for a personal advice withour reading all blogs, reviews and resourced on the subject. We've already read some for you and studied the differences between these DSLR camera brands. This test consists of 8 simple questions and takes only 2 minutes. It covers aspects like the purpose for your DSRL and your photography preferences and requirements. The outcome is a score per brand, and an advice if you should get a Canon or Nikon camera.

It’s a short test, with quiz like questions. With only 8 questions it can only give an indication and no guarantees are given. We offer some of the sources that we’ve used when creating the test: Wikipedia and More sources can be found on the result page at the end of the test. Start your test to decide between Canon vs Nikon. Below you'll find more advice to get you through the comparison process and how to choose your new camera.

Choosing your DSRL photo camera

Camera users

Will you be the only user or will you share the camera with other users e.q. family members? If it’s a family camera you might want to have a camera that’s simpler and user friendly. If it’s for individual or professional use then you might want a camera that’s highly customizable in it’s settings but more complex. This matter will affect the range of cameras you will be finding your camera in.


Both Canon and Nikon offer DSLR cameras in different ranges, starting from entry-level going up to the toprange for professional photographers. Depending on your expertise and budget it’s good to determine in which range you will be choosing. Within the range camera prices and performance are similar for both brands. If you have an idea about the range you can depict and narrow down the camera models you want to compare. These are the ranges:

  • Entry-level are for new DSLR photographers. These have simple features and generally plastic (non robust) camera bodies. A camera body (without lens) sets you back around 500 USD. Examples of beginner models: Canon EOS Rebel T6 (Outside US: EOS 1300D) Canon EOS Rebel T100 (Outside US: EOS 4000D) Canon EOS Rebel T7 (Outside US: EOS 2000D) Canon EOS Rebel SL2 (Outside US: EOS 200D) Nikon D3400 and Nikon D3500.
  • Mid-range can be an entry-point for bigger budgets. More features, such as a tilting viewer or touchscreen. The Body is more robust and lightweight.
  • Enthusiast DSLRs cameras have better autofocus options and more detailed metering. On the camera body more functions are directly accesable with control wheels or buttons. Camera housing tends to consist of metal. Examples of Enthusiast models: Canon EOS 80D, Canon EOS 7D Mark II, Nikon D7500, Nikon D500 and Nikon D750.
  • Advanced enthusiast DSLRs generally are the flagship camera models for each camera brand with many features and excellent performance and cost around 2000 to 5000 USD.
  • Professional DSLRs are for professional photographers, starting from 2500 USD, but more common prices are around 4500 USD.

The importance of camera lenses

Be aware that once you’ve been building up a set of camera bodies and lenses of your preferred camera brand you don’t want to switch brand. It would mean one would start over investing and lenses contribute highly in the costs of your photography equipment. This is important in several ways: lenses can differ, impacting picture quality and lens quality is also a subjective aspect. Study and test different camera objectives and include your preferences in your comparison before choosing your camera system and brand. Check the lense types you expect to use in the future. For example: if you might do wildlife photograpy, then you should test tele lenses etc.

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