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This is an website that aims to provide reviews, tests, quizzes with the purpose of helping consumers to compare products, brands or any other items that are subject of a choice. The contents of the website are produced based on publicly available data and resources. 2-minute-test.com aims to be objective to provide relevant and worthwhile information for it's users. Our business model: advertising enables 2-minute-test.com to publish content and to provide without any cost to our users. We strive to provide you with ads that are relevant to you by working with Google Adsense and its partnering networks.

Privacy Policy

No personal data will be registered or used. Nor any personal data will be registered and provided to thirth parties. Possible uses of data are for website analytics (Google Analytics) or for the aim resolve technical issues. Visitors answers, data or test results might be used to improve our content and website experience, or potentially for the purpose of offering to offer relevant advertisements. Currently (februari 1, 2017) we don't. If we would commence to do so we would anonymize this data first.


As a publisher 2-minute-test.com operates independently from brands or manufacturers. Advertizing companies and brands which occur in banners or other advertizments on the website were not involved in the making of the test.
The information is being provided freely. 2-minute-test can't be held responsable for the (incorrect) information on this website, its test outcomes, malfunctions or technical problems.
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