Ereader or tablet? Test what’s best for you

Take a quick test to compare and choose ebook readers: ereader or tablet.

Question 1: What is the purpose of the device?

About this test

When searching a device for reading ebooks, you might find it difficult to choose between a tablet and an ereader.

The ereader, or e reader, or e-reader, has gradually become the standard reading device for ebooks, pushed by retailers like Amazon with the Kindle ebook and Barnes & Noble, offering Nook. Ebooks or ereaders (or e-readers) with epaper or E-ink are also offered by other makers. Sony has the PRS series and there are many specialized ereader makers, like Kobo, Pocketbook and Bookeen. The biggest advantage of ereaders is that the E-ink monochrome display offers a eye friendly reading experience similar to real paper, whereas a notebook or tablet can cause eye strain when reading.

Ebooks, e-books, or e books are digital versions of books, containing text and images. The most notable formats for ebooks are .epub and .azw. .epub is a free and open e-book standard which is used by most e-book readers. .azw is Amazon’s format for the Kindle.

Most ebooks and the formats in which they are available can be read on tablets too. Since Apple introduced the iPad, and Samsung released the Galaxy tab, followed by brands like Microsoft, Asus, Amazon, and many others the tablet computer has become extremely popular. With its touch screen and ability for browsing the internet it’s very versatile. The tablet is suitable for reading ebooks, and has many extra’s to offer with it’s high res LDC colour screen, like watching video and reading online magazines.

All this makes it difficult to choose between ereaders and tablets, when reading ebooks is required. This test consists of 8 simple questions and takes only 2 minutes. It covers aspects like the purpose and your preferences. It’s a simple and short test, so it can only give an indication, without any guarantee. For further reading we offer some of the sources that we’ve used when creating the test: Wikipedia and Cnet. More sources can be found on the resultpage. Start test.

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