Galaxy or iPhone? Test what’s best for you

Take a quick test to see which smartphone suits you best: an iPhone (Apple) or a Galaxy (Samsung).

Question 1: On my smartphone you'll find...

About this test

When looking for a new smartphone most people are faced with this choice what to buy:

An Apple iPhone XS running on iOS or a Samsung Galaxy S9, working with Android.

This test consists of 8 simple questions and takes only 2 minutes. It covers aspects like the purpose for professional and recreational use of the smartphone and your preferences as a smartphone user in general.

When it’s known which aspects are similar, those can be excluded in your comparison. The iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy S9 share the following properties:
Device dimensions and 5.8 inch OLED display.
Same water resistance, IP68 suggesting the phone can be kept at 5 feet for 30 minutes max.
12 megapixel camera’s, however very different in features and performance.
Face ID, however S9 offers two more biometrical options.
Batteries have similar sizes. S9 has a slightly bigger battery, ditto battery life.
Support for charging with wireless charging pad.

It’s a simple and short test, so it can only give an indication, without any guarantee. For further reading we offer some of the sources that we’ve used when creating the test: and More sources can be found on the resultpage.

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