Xbox One or PS4? Test which is better for you

Playstation or Xbox, which console should you get? Test to decide on your new console.

Question 1: What is the main purpose of the console?

PS4 versus Xbox One - About this test

Which game console should you buy? Xbox One by Microsoft or Playstation, PS4 by Sony. Both these consoles are in the market for more than 3 years and it has become clear that Sonys PS4 has been more succesfull in sales. At the end of 2016 PS4 sales reached over 50 million, compared to around 25 million for Xbox. PS4 could be considered winner. But as for many great buying decisions your personal preferences and expectations of your console are far more determining than just reviews or the general opinion of the crowd.

Both systems have differences in design, hardware, controles and types of games to name some aspects. Your requirements for extra functionalities will further influence your choice. Examples: VR kit, 4K, compatability with Windows, the ability to upgrade the console hard drive.

This test consists of 8 quiz like questions and takes only 2 minutes. It covers aspects like the purpose and your preferences for your console, for gaming and also as a media player.

It’s a simple and short test, so it can only give an indication, without any guarantee. For a more detailed review we offer some of the sources that we’ve used when researching for this test: "hardware specs' compared" @, "which is better?" and "feature by feature-showdown" @ More sources can be found below your test result, at the end. Start testing now!.

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